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Friend of the martial arts
Defender of life’s race
Protector of the law
Explorer of the truth
Ambitious to reach the top
Opponent of misery
The Yea Vs Cosmos welcomes the contact with you.
The philosophy of the academy meets the kick boxing area as a
race of the sport is a miniature of life race.
With the same feelings, practices, policies, strategies, education’s race results,
the fighter faces different situations, stages and tests.
And so does man in his daily life in his trip, experiencing happiness,
pain, challenges, successes, failures and contingencies.
The name Yea Academy vs Cosmos marks two axes- trips of its existence.
The one expresses the unnegotiable goal of the top, so we have the academy vs
the best of the world and the second the word, cosmos represents our inner world.
The fight with ourselves. Fighter vs himself.
The academy trains-shapes the fighter’s body and soul and
plans out his promotion in Greece and the universal world .
Simultaneously it performs the sacred purpose of transmission of values and the art it believes in.
The clause Martial Arts is placed in the philosophy of the Academy literally.
War and Art.
About the war the training is based on history documents, on big fights,
on great army, irreparable errors, biographies on individual fighters.
Art is the marriage of talent with skillfulness and while talent is inborn skillfulness is
being built through time. Talent opens you doors but skillfulness will take you high.
With the practice which will improve the art and with the marriage with talent it will become art.
Important for the Academy is the meaning of Greece.
Not Greece generally and as it is.
The Immortal Greek Spirit. The memories of the ancestors.
The ultimate fighter is CHRIST.
Not Christ who is being traded from a big part of church.
Christ the rebel, the fair, the simple, it’s he who overthrew the status of the time,
who took the system on, the Tellones , the Pharisees, the forces of evil, the hypocrisy.
A fearless fighter who forgives.
Leonidas with his 300.
The determined, good trained Spartans, with real faith in what they decided to do,ridiculed the death and the numerical superiority.
Through body training and more through mind and soul training, we all here found the way. The way of life with the same, similar to or different vision.
But always with VISION.
In a knowledge trip.
Trip of real knowledge, infinite and unlimited, in a hymn of eternal apprenticeship where the teachers are necessary students, good students.
But in an infinity where knowledge only is not enough.
When the student will be ready he will hear the blare
The ACTION , the condition of our existence will make the difference.
Fighter, the Academy doesn’t teach, it wakes up these which are sleeping in you.
 Yiannis Evgenikos
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